Coaching online


Nice to meet you here!


Which are my benefits?

  • When getting up in the morning becomes more and more difficult,
  • If the stomach is already tweaking on the way to work,
  • If doubt arises when looking at the salary,

then it is high time to orient yourself!

Where the question comes from is the answer - in you. Often, however, we do not manage to arrive at this solution ourselves. Coaching helps you to find the answer in yourself. It's not about taking something away or dissolving it forever. Instead, the next step is gently taken, that is, to affectionately accept our lives, ourselves and others, to connect and stay in touch with our self, and to initiate effective change from this understanding, if necessary.

Coaching is a professional support for people who want to change or develop professionally or privately, looking for relief or better deal with conflicts.

Coaching is, in my understanding, part of adult vocational training.

I presuppose personal development as a basic human need.

Coaching helps you organize your ideas, thoughts and desires to make decisions. In doing so, you release the solutions that you carry in yourself.

The first interview is an essential part of the coaching. It is a personal meeting and gives you space to express your thoughts, ideas and ideas.

You decide, if it continues!

When developing your solution, we consider the effects of your decisions on others and others. We focus primarily on your existing resources, strengths and capabilities.

Finally, we develop the individual steps for implementation.

What positive effects can be achieved for you?

  • You get clarity about your personal wishes and goals.
  • You get back strengthening and new impulses.
  • You will find emotional relief.
  • You recognize your individual Strengths and abilities and can use these optimally for your goals.
  • They expand your perspectives, recognize new perspectives and are encouraged to develop their own solutions.
  • It is easier for you to make consistent decisions.
  • They learn to handle conflicts more confidently.
  • They learn to be better at dealing with themselves as well as with other people.
  • You continue to build your personal leadership.
  • You use your working time more meaningfully and purposefully.
  • They feel happier at work and in their private lives.
  • You will find your personal life balance.

My support for you

As a coach, I give you back support, put me in the best possible position in your situation, sharpens the gaze for the essentials, illuminates together with you the advantages and disadvantages of solutions and encourage you to "tackle" your personal goals and to realize.

Blended coaching stands for a situation-specific optimal mixture of personal encounter and online cooperation.

Personal meetings require a planned appointment and a more or less long journey. With "Blended Coaching" we can meet anywhere in the world where internet access is available. We can also spontaneously and just then talk to each other when you need a sparring partner: for example, in preparation or follow-up of a situation critical to success (negotiation, job interview).

In doing so, we follow the path of written communication in order to apply it and to reinforce the binding nature of what has been discussed. It also enhances the effect of re-thinking. This strengthens the space, time and structure that make coaching sustainably efficient.